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Booking, Fees, and Access:

Q: Can you hold our date? 

A: We do not hold dates. A signed contract and non-refundable date reservation fee will reserve your date. 


Q: Can we purchase additional time to get in early or stay later?

A: Additional hours are not available for purchase on a wedding day before or after access times. Please plan your timeline accordingly. 


Q: Hair and makeup say we need to start getting ready before 10 am. What should we do? 

A: Fortunately, this problem doesn’t happen too often, however, it can arise with larger wedding parties. Since additional hours are not available for purchase, other groups have started getting ready at their hotel room or the salon, then moved everyone to the venue come 10:00am. Typically the bride will always get ready at fête to take advantage of photo opportunities. Other groups have brought additional hair and make-up professionals to speed the process and finish on time. Still other groups have done hair and make up at the salon and used the suites for getting changed and touch ups. Planning for a later ceremony time can also help with timing. We also recommend checking with your bridal party to ensure all members would like professional hair and make up. Lastly, remember that just as popular appointment times for a standard hair appointment will book-out early, so too will appointment times for wedding hair. Those 10 AM times are popular and if you wait too long to book hair and makeup you may have to take their 7 AM slot if that is all they have remaining. Booking hair & makeup early on can help you book your preferred time.


Q: What hotels are available nearby the venue? Do they have a shuttle service?

A: There are 4 hotels in Delafield within a 10 minutes drive of our venue including the Holiday Inn Express, La Quinta Inn & Suites, AmericInn, and The Delafield Hotel. All hotels are easily accessible from the interstate and are close to other shops and restaurants. There is also The Ingleside Hotel in Pewaukee which is about 15 minutes away and features an indoor water park. There are several other accommodations within 13-20 minutes of fête. Unfortunately there is not a hotel that offers a shuttle service in the area. There are, however, a variety of transportation companies that service Wales, including limo buses, school buses, Uber, etc. should you opt to offer your guests end of the night transportation. 



Q: Do you charge a ceremony fee?

A: Yes. Ceremonies are considered an add-on and are priced at $500. This will include set-up and take-down of chairs for your ceremony of up to 250 guests starting no earlier than 3:30 PM for Fri/Sat weddings (please inquire for Sunday weddings). A day-of rehearsal takes place during the rental access times. Inside vs outside ceremony location must be determined by noon the day prior. Should the client move the ceremony location after chair set up has been completed, a $250 fee applies and indoor ceremony seating options will be limited.


Q: Do you charge any extra fees that we may not be expecting?

A: There are some additional fees/costs to be aware of:

  • Waukesha County sales tax will be added to all purchases and fees. 

  • Your rental fee covers use of the space for the contract date/times. The rental fee does not include bar service. We do have a bar minimum and a 20% bar fee for all beverages. Bar minimums are: $3,000 for Friday/Saturday/Sunday weddings. $2,000 for Sunday Brunch weddings. 

  • For onsite ceremonies, we require the location (indoor vs outdoor) be decided by noon the day beforehand. Last minute changes to the ceremony location (after noon the day prior to the event) will result in a $250 fee. 

  • If choosing a caterer or DJ that is not on our Approved Vendor List, there are additional fees as follows: $1,000 for caterers for the main meal; $500 for caterers/food trucks for apps/late night snacks, if different from the main meal caterer; $500 for DJs/musicians/bands. Those fees are due immediately upon making the request for an exception to the Approved Vendor List. Once the fee is paid, the management team will vet the prospective vendor to determine if they have proper insurance and agree to all applicable venue rules. You will be informed if a vendor exception has been granted within 30 days of your request. Please be aware that if an exception is not granted, that vendor will not be permitted on the premises the day of the event, no exceptions. Note that the payment of the above fee does not guarantee vendor approval. The fee covers the task of vetting the vendor, so should the vendor be denied the fee continues to be non-refundable.


Q: Do you have a facility gratuity? 

A: No, we do not impose a facility gratuity as everything related to rental of the facility is wrapped up into your rental fee. Providing monetary tips to fête staff is not required but always greatly appreciated.


Q: Do you have a bar fee or will tip jars be out? 

A: We do have a 20% bar fee which covers more than gratuity; it also encompasses everything it takes to prepare your bar package, place orders, set up the bar and help it run smoothly. Bartenders do have tip jars out for every event; this gives your guests the opportunity to recognize exceptional service and helps keep a tidy bar.


Q: Why can’t we just plan to have our guests tip the bartenders instead of paying the 20% bar fee? 

A: We have found that many guests do not come prepared with cash to tip and often don’t understand the value of what they have consumed (it’s hard to calculate a total when receipts are not provided with free drinks and guests may/may not be counting how many they have consumed).  

What We Provide/Allow:

Q: Can we bring in our own chairs or tables? What about farmhouse tables? 

A: Unfortunately no, fête tables and chairs must be utilized for reception seating. Rented reception chairs or farmhouse tables will not be permitted inside the building. The only exception to this is a single 6-foot table as well as one loveseat OR two special chairs maximum may be brought in as special seating for the couple as a sweetheart table. 


Q: Does your venue provide linens, dishes, or utensils? 

A: We do not provide these items as most caterers do. If your caterer does not provide linens, dishes, and utensils there are several companies to consider for rental or purchase of these items. 


Q: How many 8’ banquet tables do you have available?

A: We have 12 rectangular banquet tables available for use. The measurements of this table are 8ft x 30” and the size linen that would go all the way to the floor would be 90” x 156”. These will be used for things such as: head table/kings table, buffet stations, gift/cards, escort cards, desserts & coffee, etc. 


Q: How many round guest tables do you have available?

A: We have enough 60’’ round guest tables to seat up to 300 guests. It is recommended to seat about 8 guests at each table. These tables are 60”x 30” and a 120” round linen would extend all the way to the floor. 


Q: How many chairs do you supply? 

A: Fête provides chairs for up to 300 guests. None of our chairs will require coverings. 


Q: Can we use flower petals? 

A: If your ceremony is inside, artificial flower petals no smaller than rose-petal size may be used inside. Real flower petals are prohibited indoors as they stain our concrete floors. For outdoor ceremonies only real petals may be used. Again, they must be rose-petal sized or larger and any real petals must remain in the grassy areas, away from any concrete sidewalks and patios. It is the couple's responsibility to delegate a member of their group to pick up the petals just as they would their other décor. If the couple purchases the wrap-up package through fête, fête staff will be responsible for picking up the petals.


Q: We’d love to use a confetti or glitter bomb for a photo opp - can we do that so long as it’s biodegradable?!

A: No, confetti or glitter of any kind, including those that are biodegradable, are permitted for multiple reasons. We want to ensure you arrive to a clean space, inside and out. If we permit groups before you to utilize such items there will be pieces remaining. Biodegradable confetti does not degrade quickly and it is very difficult to hand collect every piece. It essentially becomes trash until it finally degrades. This means when the next group arrives their photographer will need to work around the trash in the background. We don’t want that to happen to you nor do we want it to happen to the events after you, so we kindly insist that no items be scattered for photo opps. Additionally we are located in a natural setting and have plenty of wildlife that come to fête, lay in our long grasses, walk our paths, and drink from our pond. We would hate for something associated with our business to harm the wildlife. 


Q: Can we use sparklers?

A: Yes, we love the whimsy and photo opportunities that come with sparklers! Sparklers are permitted outside, on hard surfaces only and at least 10ft away from the building. They may not be used on any organic surfaces including and especially by the oak trees near the pond. You must provide your own sand/water bucket for disposal after use. Be advised we do reserve the right to refuse the use of sparklers at any time for any reason. 


Q: Can we set off fireworks at the end of the night? What about floating lanterns?

A: Unfortunately, fireworks and floating lanterns are not permitted. The village we reside in does not permit either of these at the venue. 


Q: Do you allow cold sparklers inside or outside?

A: The use of cold sparklers is only permitted through the approved DJ service, Vital Image. If you would like to utilize cold sparklers you must book that service through Vital Image.


Q: We’re having an indoor ceremony and would like to line our aisle with décor. Can we do that? 

A: Stationary items that are sturdy and secure may be used to decorate the ceremony aisle as long as they do not block any row entry/exits. No loose décor is permitted anywhere on the floor as this is a slip/trip hazard. The only exception to this is artificial flower petals scattered by a flower girl. Any floral must be contained in a vase or florist piece and any greenery on the floor must be bundled as a garland and may not be loose. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: fabric, loose greenery/floral, petals that are not being scattered by a flower girl. Please be cautious when placing glassware on the floor as we often find they are kicked and broken. We would highly recommend having extras if you decide to place glass on the floor. 

Q: Can we use “real” candles as part of our décor?

A: Candles with a flame are only permitted on guest tables and the bar top. Any candles as part of floor/staircase décor must be LED/artificial candles for safety reasons. If you decide to use “real” candles instead of LEDs on guest tables and the bar top, please be sure the flame never extends above the container the candle is in. If it does, you will not be able to light them on the day of your event. We are more than happy to view and approve candle & container selection prior to purchase to ensure all is acceptable. It would be awful to tell a client on the day of their event that their selection is unacceptable so the candles may not be lit. Unboxing new candles and testing in your containers ahead of time is encouraged as you may find that the flame extends beyond the container and the candle may need to burn for a bit in order to be an appropriate height. Unboxing ahead of time is also helpful because some new candles have long wicks that should be trimmed-- this makes lighting them on the big day much faster.


Q: Can our pet come too?

A: Yes, we love when couples include pets in their big day! Pets may join for pictures and/or the ceremony. Fête requires advanced notice if pets will be on site and reserves the right to deny any pet at any time. All pets must be attended to at all times (one on one supervision at minimum) and once their role in the big day is complete they must leave the premises - no later than the start of food service. Pets may not, under any circumstance, be left in a car in the parking lot. A designated person must take the pet(s) to the location where they will be spending the remainder of the evening.


Q: Do we need to provide a sign for our bar? 

A: We make signs for every event at fête so you can check that off your to-do list! If you prefer to make your own, it must include specific information and be approved by fête’s manager prior to the event. If the sign was not approved and info is inaccurately printed on your sign, your sign will not be allowed on display and fête’s sign will be used in its place.


Q: What does your staff take care of the day of the event?

A: Fête staff is responsible for setting up and taking down all tables and chairs for both your ceremony and reception as well as manning the bar. Staff will also be available to ensure the facility as a whole is clean and attended to including checking that bathrooms remain well-stocked, garbages are being emptied, barware is cleared from the tables, and spills are wiped up. If you have purchased an add-on package fête staff will follow through with the requirement of any paid for packages. 


Q: Can we smoke on the premises? 

A: Smoking and vaping are only permitted in the designated smoking areas located out the front entrance and on the suite patios. No smoking or vaping is permitted inside the building or on the back deck. Anyone who will not adhere to these restrictions will be asked to leave. 


Q: Do you guys have a fire pit?

A: We offer two gas fire tables on our back deck. They are close to the building for guests to enjoy the coziness of a fire without leaving the party. These fire features have a stationary gas line and cannot be moved. No smoking or vaping is permitted on the deck, and the fire features should not be used for lighting or extinguishing cigars, cigarettes, etc. Fire features will not be available when the deck is closed, which typically takes place during our off-peak season, from November through April. The exact time frame of the deck closure will depend on snowfall, temperatures, rooftop snow/ice accumulation and is solely determined by fête management.  Please note that as of fall of 2022 the fire function of our fire tables are out of order. We've found fire table inventory to be low and have yet to find a suitable replacement. The tables are still on the deck and available for use, however, two tower heaters have been installed on the deck to provide heat and a fire feature while we look for replacement tables. Please note that these tower heaters are a temporary solution and will be removed when replacement tables are secured. 


Q: Will the deck be available for our winter wedding? 

A: Our deck is typically closed during off-peak weddings for safety reasons.


Q: Your wall of windows faces west. Will we be blinded by the sun as it sets?

A: We oriented our building west to take advantage of gorgeous sunset views. That said, we know the sun can be blinding as it sets. To manage this we have light filtering shades that filter the light without obscuring the view. 


Q: Do you have coat storage? 

A: Yes, we have coat storage in the foyer. 


Q: Do you have changing tables? 

A: Yes, both men’s and women’s main hall restrooms have changing tables in one of the stalls.


Q: I have a guest who is nursing/pumping. Is there somewhere she can pump/nurse? 

A: You are welcome to direct your guest to one of the suites.


Q: What do you permit/prohibit for décor and/or guest favors?

A: We want to encourage your creative vision to come to life. That said, anything beyond standard table décor, should be approved by fête management. We would feel awful advising you it’s not allowed upon first seeing it the day of your event. Favors can also be a fun way to leave your guests with a memento from your special day -- please keep in mind the following when considering your favors:

Prohibited: Nails, tacks, tape, 3M Command strips, balloons of any kind, rented dance floors, glitter, confetti,  matches, shooters of alcohol, bubble guns, dry grasses/feathers on the same table as a real flame candle, or anything that has not been approved by fete management.

Permitted ways to secure décor: strings, zip ties, floral twine, and easels.


Q: Can we bring in our own alcohol in the morning to drink while we get ready?

A: Carry-in alcohol is not permitted on premise at any time during your rental. This is WI state law and if we don't enforce it our liquor license could be suspended or revoked. As such, we do take it very seriously. Please talk to your fête manager about how you can order beverages for the suites that morning. All beverages will be ordered through the venue's distributors. 


Q: When can ceremonies start? 

A: Ceremonies at fête should begin no earlier than 3:30 pm on a Friday or Saturday wedding. Most ceremonies at fête start around 4:00 pm or 4:30 pm. Remember, when your ceremony and reception are in one space your guests will not need time to travel from ceremony to reception. When the ceremony is earlier than 3:30 pm the wedding party may feel rushed in the morning and the wait between ceremony/cocktail hour and dinner could be lengthy for guests. 


Q: Do you charge a ceremony fee?

A: Yes. Ceremonies are considered an add-on and are priced at $500. This will include set-up and take-down of chairs for your ceremony of up to 250 guests starting no earlier than 3:30 PM for Fri/Sat weddings (please inquire for Sunday weddings). This includes a day-of rehearsal during the rental access times. Inside vs outside ceremony location must be determined by noon the day prior. Should the client move the ceremony location after chair set up has been completed, a $250 change fee applies and indoor ceremony seating options will be limited. Please note that sales tax applies to both ceremony fees and change fees.  


Q: How do we do the rehearsal? 

A: A day-of rehearsal is included in the rental fee and will take place the morning of your event. In most situations we recommend the bride not attend the rehearsal. The bride has the easiest (although perhaps most nerve-wracking!) job of all; walk straight down the aisle and soak in the day. The rehearsal is most important for the attendants to work out the processional, at what pace to walk, and which direction to face/angle their bodies to photograph well. The bride can do a walk-through with the bridesmaids after the wedding party completes the rehearsal so she can see exactly where she will be walking. Following rehearsal the wedding party can separate and head to the suites. Many plan to have brunch with their loved ones before they begin to prepare and dress for the ceremony. We have also had many couples forgo the rehearsal altogether and have just as successful ceremonies. 


Q: Do you set up the ceremony?

A: Yes. Fête staff will set up ceremony seating for both indoor and outdoor events, and provide an arbor for outdoor ceremonies. Plan to have your DJ provide any/all audio needed for this part of your day as well as your reception. Please note that fête does not provide an arbor for indoor ceremonies. 


Q: Where do you set up for an indoor ceremony? 

A: An indoor ceremony takes place in our main hall with your guests facing a wall of floor to ceiling windows that overlooks our beautiful grounds. If you plan to have an outdoor ceremony we require a decision regarding location by noon the day prior to your event to allow time to arrange staffing as well as sufficient set up time. Fête does not provide an indoor arbor for indoor ceremonies. Many couples skip the arbor altogether, preferring the grandeur of our large wall of windows. If you prefer to have an arbor, there are many rental options available from local rental companies. This way you can select an arbor that suits your wedding vision.


Food and Bar:

Q: We’d like to have our caterer set up the buffet and leave. Can we hire our caterer for drop off service only?

A: All caterers must serve the meal and provide clean up service following the meal as fête does not offer these services. This also applies to all apps or late night snacks. 


Q: Can we bring in our own candy for a candy bar? 

A: Yes! What a fun way to treat your guests. Our only requests are that candy be pre-packaged, store-bought not homemade to ensure safety for your guests. Avoiding products with nuts or nut butters may be worth consideration given the increasing frequency and intensity of nut allergies these days, however we do not ban those sorts of candies. Be sure to run this past your caterer to determine if they are willing to add the task of clearing the associated trash from guest tables. Some caterers will restrict clients from bringing in their own food and beverage items. 


Q: Are food trucks allowed? 

A: Yes. If you wish to have a food truck for dinner or appetizer/late night snack an outside vendor fee and vetting process applies. Please note that all food trucks have the same requirements of a dinner caterer and must provide staff to bus any trash/dirty dishes generated by their food service and remove that from the building. Please inquire for further details or if you are interested in hiring a vendor not listed on our approved caterer list. 


Q: Can we do the beverage service through our caterer?

A: Caterers are permitted to offer coffee, tea, and table water service as part of their catering package.  If your caterer provides water service they must provide their own ice. Fête must provide all other beverage services. Wisconsin law prohibits outside alcohol on the premises and as such fees will be assessed if outside alcohol is brought onto the premises by the client, their guests, or their vendors. 


Q: Are we able to have a champagne toast?

A: If you would like a scheduled champagne toast at a specific time where all guests are instructed to grab champagne for a toast, you must purchase a champagne toast as we require additional staffing to make this reception event successful. The champagne will be served from a separate station to avoid crowding the bar and to ensure all guests can pick up their champagne in a timely fashion. The cost for a champagne toast includes two components: a flat fee and a per person rate. The $200 flat fee covers set up and staffing of the champagne station and the $5/guest rate includes 5 oz of champagne in a disposable flute. All adults 21 and over must be counted for the champagne toast. If you do not intend to have a toast at a specified time and simply prefer to have some champagne available for guests who prefer champagne, you may purchase champagne a la carte to be added to your hosted bar selections. 


Q: How many bartenders will be staffed?

A: We staff our bartenders at a ratio of 1:75, meaning that fête will staff 1 bartender for every 75 guests. Additional bartenders are available to be added for your bar service for an additional cost of $100/hour/bartender. 

Q: Does fête allow shots? Are shots included in my bar package?

A: fête does allow shots, but does exercise some restrictions for safe consumption. Shots are not included in any of the bar packages we offer. You may choose if your guests have the ability to purchase their own shots. If you prefer that shots not be available for purchase, we will oblige that request. Shot service is always stopped 2 hours prior to your contracted vacate time. We reserve the right to prohibit shot service at any time. This is to prioritize guest safety. 


Q: Does fête provide water service? 

A: Fête does not provide table water service. Fête does provide a self-serve dispenser of water & disposable cups at the corner of the bar. If you desire table water service, including set up and clearing, it must be provided by your caterer.


Q: Will our beverages be served in glass or plastic?

A: Bar beverages are served in glass until around dinner time. At some point during dinner, we switch to plastic to prevent broken glass on your dance floor. The cups provided at the water dispenser for self-serve water are always plastic cups. 


Q: Can we have a late night snack? 

A: Yes! We’ve partnered with our favorite local pizza place “Pizza Guy” to offer a late night snack package. Let us know how many people and we will handle the rest. We’ve secured a great price so you know you’re getting a great deal! Please note that some caterers offer late night options as well that could take care of the food, service, and clean-up. You are welcome to utilize our dumpsters for disposal of any trash that does not fit in our trash cans. If you purchase through fête, we will take care of all that for you. See the flyer for pricing.

Q: My family has offered to bake our desserts. Will fête staff be able to serve and clean-up?

A: If you need help with dessert service and clean-up you will want to discuss this service with your caterer. Fête does not provide staff for serving or cleaning-up dessert.



Q: Do you have a list of vendors that are required to be booked?

A: Yes. We have an Approved Vendor List of caterers and DJs from which we require all groups to book. Please see the Approved/Favorite Vendor Lists under the Resources > clients page of the website or click the links in the FAQs.


Q: Is it possible to book a caterer/DJ that is not on the approved list?

A: Caterers, DJs, and musicians may only be hired from the “Approved Vendor List.” Should you wish to hire a vendor who is not on the Approved Vendor List, you may request a one time exception for each vendor and will need to pay the applicable non-refundable fee ($1,000 for caterers for the main meal, $500 for caterers/food trucks for apps/late night snacks, if different from the main meal caterer, $500 for DJs/musicians/bands). Those fees are due immediately upon making the request of an exception to the Approved Vendor List. Once the fee is paid, the management team will vet the prospective vendor to determine if they have proper insurance and agree to all applicable venue rules. You will be informed if a vendor exception has been granted within 30 days of your request. Please be aware that if an exception is not granted, then that vendor will not be permitted on the premises the day of the event, no exceptions. Note that the payment of the above fee does not guarantee vendor approval. The fee covers the task of vetting the vendor, so should the vendor be denied the fee continues to be non-refundable.


Q: Do we have to book a photographer, videographer, florist, bakery, etc. from your favorite list?

A: No, we do not require you to book a photographer, videographer, florist, bakery, photo booth or coordinator/planner from our favorite list. We’re often asked which vendors have done a good job at fête and the list of our favorites is simply a list for those who are interested in knowing with whom we’ve had positive experiences. Please reach out to fete management if you are looking for something more specific; we’re always happy to share ideas. 


Q: What time can our vendors arrive to set up?

A: Vendors may arrive as early as 10 AM for Friday and Saturday weddings, 9 AM for Sunday weddings and 7 AM for Sunday Brunch weddings. Any delivered items must be delivered and removed the same day as the event. We are unable to store any items leading up to or following an event. 


Q: Are there any prohibited vendors? 

A: We have a short list of vendors we prohibit. Please reach out before booking to ensure your vendors are permitted to work at fête. 


Q: Are there any vendor restrictions?

A: Do know that any vendor entering the premises must be willing to follow all fête rules, be able to provide proof of liability insurance naming “fête, Inc” as an additional insured, and must be licensed, as applicable. Please reach out to fête management for specific details about what we expect of each type of vendor. 



Q: What are the dimensions of the main hall?

A: Our main hall is roughly 48 feet x 96 feet, about 4,600 square feet. That does not include the 2nd floor mezzanine (approx. 2500 sq/ft) which has additional seating space if you have a large guest list. Do note that there is no elevator to the 2nd floor mezzanine and as such, no guests with trouble navigating stairs should be assigned to upstairs seating. 


Q: I’m planning to have a runner for my indoor ceremony. How long should it be? 

A: The length from the double doors in the main hall to the wall of windows is 48’, so 48 feet will be plenty of length for your runner to reach. 


Q: Will your tables and chairs need coverings?

A: Our 60” round and 8’ rectangle tables will require coverings. Our cocktail tables and our chairs will not require coverings. 


Q: How big are your tables? 

A: We offer 60” round tables for the main hall seating and 8’ x 30” rectangular banquet tables for the head table, gift table, etc. These tables will require coverings that we do not provide. We also provide high cocktail tables that will not require coverings. 


Q: What size linens do your tables need?

A: 8ft x 30” rectangular banquet table: a 90” x 156” linen will extend to the floor

     60” round tables: a 120” round linen will extend to the floor


Q: How many attendants can be seated at the head table?

A: Our head table space can accommodate a maximum of 20 people when seated on one side of the table. Larger wedding parties can be accommodated through other style seating options such as a king’s table or a hybrid of a king’s table and a head table.


Q: What are the dimensions of your outdoor arbor for the ceremony space?

A: Our outdoor arbor is approximately 8’ wide by 9” tall. 


Q: Do you allow for the dance floor to be in the center of the floor?

A: Unfortunately, we do not permit a center dance floor in our space.


Q: Do you have a timeline you suggest for our wedding day?

A: We do! We would love to suggest a timeline that we know works well in our space. 

4:00 PM - Ceremony 

4:30 PM - Cocktail Hour 

6:00 PM - Guests Seated for Dinner

6:05 PM - Grand March 

6:10 PM - Thank you/Blessing

6:15 PM - Dinner

7:30 PM - Cake Cutting/Specialty Dances

8:00 PM - Open Dance

9:00 PM - Late Night Snack

9:30 PM - Those assisting in the clean-up/loading car process may want to begin doing so at this time

10:00 PM - Close Bar 

10:30 PM - Music ends & lights on (While this must happen no later than 10:30 p.m. some clients choose to end music earlier for a less rushed pack-up and end of night)

11:00 PM- All items and guests out


Q: Can we still take sunset pictures during our winter wedding?

A: Absolutely! Winter weddings are beautiful but of course the sun sets much earlier in the day than the other seasons. Depending on the time of year, the sun may be setting at the same time as your ceremony. Be sure to discuss that timing with your photographer if sunset pictures are a priority. 


Q: Will my guests be able to check-in to their hotel before the ceremony?

A: It is possible for guests to check-in to their hotel before the ceremony. Most local hotels have a 3:00 PM check-in time. While the earliest ceremony time allowed is 3:30 PM, we suggest a 4:00 or 4:30 PM ceremony to facilitate more conducive timing with hotel check-in. This will allow your guests time to check-in to the hotel before attending your ceremony. 

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