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Friendly Reminders

  • You are welcome to book any other vendor of your choice for the other categories. Please remember that they must provide proof of insurance naming fête, Inc. as an additional insured on the policy no later than 30 days prior to the wedding.


  • Your next payment is due 6 months prior to your wedding. That payment will be the balance of your rental as well as the tax. Our billing gal, Katie, will send you an invoice for your payment.

  • Your final payment is due exactly 30 days prior to your wedding day. This payment will include your beverage choices for getting ready in the morning, your bar decisions, add-on packages, and a separate check for your $750 security deposit.

  • There is no carry-in alcohol allowed on the premises at any time. Many couples choose to add this information to their website or invite to ensure guests know the expectation.

  • The manager you booked with will be available to you by email, phone, or text from now until your wedding day. Please do not hesitate to reach out when things come up; we are happy to help!

  • It is possible you may be working with a different manager as your wedding approaches. We try our best to work with the couples we book, but in order to keep the work share equal and maintain a healthy work/life balance we occasionally need to transfer a couple to a different manager. Once we create our manager schedules 3-5 months before the wedding, we will be sure to confirm 
    who you will be working with. If it is a different manager than who you have been working with, we will be sure you have had plenty of time to get to know one another before the big day.

  • Your manager will not need any wedding details from you until about 90 days prior to the wedding when they will reach out to collect basic information about timeline and guest count. At this time your manager will also share a worksheet to prepare for your next meeting.


  • Your manager will reach out soon after to schedule a final meeting. That final meeting can occur at the venue, over Zoom/Facetime, or over the phone. Your final decisions on the bar and add-on packages will be due during that meeting so please be ready with those decisions. Be prepared to also discuss your final layout, your chosen vendors, timeline, and a few other fine details.


  • Your manager will be present on your wedding day from time of arrival (start of access time) until about the time open dance begins. Don't worry - they will come check in and say goodbye before they officially leave for the night.

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