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Meet the Owners

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Nick, Katie, Steve, & Nicole are the minds behind fête. Both couples adore the Lake Country area, making it the ideal place to put down roots for their families. They simply LOVE it here, which is why they knew it would be a great home for fête and special events like weddings. However, it’s not weddings and events but rather the fire service that brought the two couples together. Nick and Steve met while working at the same firehouse. Their sense of humor and laid back nature quickly lead them to be good friends. In fact, you can still find both guys working full time at the firehouse in addition to being the “maintenance men” at fête (turns out there’s plenty of work for the maintenance men!) Meanwhile Katie and Nicole have left their prior careers in the past, allowing them to put more energy into fête and their families. While “they” say you should never go into business with friends, that doesn’t seem to stand true for Nick, Katie, Steve, & Nicole. The group attributes much of their success as business partners to the group’s sense of humor, similar values & interests, laid back nature, and the family-friendly focus of fête as a business.

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