fête  / fāt / noun . 

a celebration or festival.

The Owners

Steve and Nick both work as firefighter/paramedics who met on the job. Their matching sense of humor and laid back nature quickly lead them to become good friends. Both guys have a passion for helping others and being involved in their community. They each chose to put down roots and raise their family in Lake Country. Steve and his wife, Nicole, graduated in the same high school class and wed in 2015. They welcomed their first child, a boy, in spring of 2017. Nick and Katie are high school sweethearts. They tied the knot in 2007 and now have two sons. The four have a common love for the outdoors and spending quality time with their families.

What got 2 firefighters in the wedding business?

Some people find it strange to have 2 guys running the show, but really our team is 2 families. Our wives are actively involved in running the business. They think of the fine details & put in the ‘finesse’ the place needs, while we’re the brawn behind the scenes. Our drive to open an events venue originated from our own experiences with the wedding planning process. It was difficult searching for a venue that could accommodate our entire guest list, price range and availability. We didn't want to wait more than 2 years to get married! We found something but had to sacrifice on location and aesthetics. When talking with other friends planning their big day, they too shared our same struggles. That’s when we had our lightbulb moment.

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500 E Summit Ave    Wales, WI  53183

262-528-FETE (3383)

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